Tic Tac Dippin’ my Toe into AI

🎹 After 3 days of on and off typing before bed, I’ve finally coded my first interactive game on the internet. 

🎈The cherry on top is that it’s a basic AI function! I really enjoyed the nature of trial and error in coding. I would love to lean into this mindset more as a designer. It was fun to switch from front-end to backend thinking.  Logic > Style > Layout 

Project below: https://jsfiddle.net/val_p/tjo9mpnc/293/ 

Shoutout to Chris Kim for answering all my questions and OCAD for sponsoring this adventure! 

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Text is fundamentally how knowledge spreads across the great wide web. 

It’s easy to overlook this significant communication tool online. Admittedly, typography is my weakness as a designer but lucky me I can always read more about it and improve! Today I’ve stumbled upon the design of bionic reading by typography designer Renato Casutt.

Reading into this design opened my eyes, literally. They widened and felt brand new haha! 

At the end of the day, design is in the subtle details. Thanks for the inspo internet. 

Love ya,


Comparison of regular text versus text with bionic reading API applied.

Ever heard of the ‘Mom test’, what about the ‘Grandma test’?

Design is 80% communication and understanding, 20% solution building (personal opinion).

Recently, I started my new role in Product Design. Of course, I had to explain to my grandma on the phone what is it that I’m doing at my new job!

🏔 Challenge:

① I need to explain technology, product design and user experience in chinese; everything I’ve learned about design was taught in English.

② My grandma treats Facetime like an audio phone call and does not look at the screen actively, plus her screen is not big enough for legibility.

③ She’s an 86 year old lady who’s just not that interested in understanding how technology is designed, she only cares to learn how to use it for everyday tasks. 

📥 Outcome:

① She learned that I am capable of designing her experiences online, on her phone; mostly on screen and when it comes to e-commerce.

② She offered to proofread my ‘About Me’ section because it’s poorly translated in Chinese and needs a better flow.

③ She requested for a digital Lunar Chinese New Year card with 2 different versions for 2 groups of contacts; one for close friends and relatives; one for her volunteer club members! 

🌅 Success + ⭐️ Positive customer feedback:

① She is delighted to have sent out 56 e-cards on time through text while safely celebrating this Chinese New Year at home. 

② I get a free review from a well-educated and wise lady to improve the quality of my written portfolio content in chinese (when she has time, she said 😆).

Positive customer feedback:

③ Some receivers thought she designed the card herself since it had her name incorporated into the graphics. 


I think she understands 20% of what I’m doing now, I’ve got 80% to go…One call at a time! 

Fun fact about font type!

Turns out, Serif fonts are great for helping readers read a large body of text, hence newspaper used them a lot!


If you take a closer look at serif fonts, the small extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal strokes of the letters helps our eyes line up and connect from words to word, line to line.

- Designer, Malika Soin 

Believe and you shall proceed.

On my birthday this year, 3 special memories from childhood resurfaced 🍼🌊
① For 14 years of my life I wished for a dog every night and now I wake up to Skylar, my big ol’ fluffy boy’s morning hugs!
② Growing up in a concrete jungle, I’d close my eyes nightly, imaging myself surfing in California one day. 2 years ago, my routine was to surf and study by a shore in California!
③  As a kid, I used to role play with my friends as a 25 year old gadget builder and designer, I guess now the show must goes on. Haha 

When you believe in something hard enough, your mind will guide your body there to fulfill your wishes. Keep your dreams alive baby!  😎

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