Ever heard of the ‘Mom test’, what about the ‘Grandma test’?

Design is 80% communication and understanding, 20% solution building (personal opinion).

Recently, I started my new role in Product Design. Of course, I had to explain to my grandma on the phone what is it that I’m doing at my new job!

🏔 Challenge:

① I need to explain technology, product design and user experience in chinese; everything I’ve learned about design was taught in English.

② My grandma treats Facetime like an audio phone call and does not look at the screen actively, plus her screen is not big enough for legibility.

③ She’s an 86 year old lady who’s just not that interested in understanding how technology is designed, she only cares to learn how to use it for everyday tasks. 

📥 Outcome:

① She learned that I am capable of designing her experiences online, on her phone; mostly on screen and when it comes to e-commerce.

② She offered to proofread my ‘About Me’ section because it’s poorly translated in Chinese and needs a better flow.

③ She requested for a digital Lunar Chinese New Year card with 2 different versions for 2 groups of contacts; one for close friends and relatives; one for her volunteer club members! 

🌅 ROI:

① She’s delighted to have sent out 56 e-cards on time through text while safely celebrating this Chinese New Year at home. 

② I get a free review from a well-educated and wise lady to improve the quality of my written portfolio content in chinese (when she has time, she said 😆).

③ Praises from receivers thinking she designed the card herself since it had her name incorporated into the graphics. 


I think she understands 20% of what I’m doing now, I’ve got 80% to go…One call at a time! 

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