How often do you use your smartphone?🀳

157 people answered

Gen-Z reaching 8 hours 

In a survey I conducted in 2020, 157 people shared details about their daily smartphone usage. 

Within this user group, I interviewed 9 individuals with the highest amount of daily screen-time averaging at 8 hours. All in their early 20s. 

Average of 6 hours

50% of the 157 people admitted to spending about 1/4 of their day on smartphones. Age ranging from 18-60.

While all answered they are aware of the excessive use. Most still struggled to break out of their routines.

4 key questions

1) 'Yesterday after I woke up, I _____.'

2) 'In the afternoon, I _____.

3) 'In the evening, I _____.'

4) 'At night before bed, I _____.' 


By gathering quantitative and qualitative data, I was able to identify 

5 common unhealthy behaviors shared across 157 people in their daily digital interactions. 

In the illustration thesis, each animal was chosen strategically to reveal our digital behaviors that are similar to their characteristics. While the project first highlights the problems that come with digital convenience...

The main purpose is to provide users with simple and achievable solutions for how they can take charge in becoming more self-aware when engaging with technology!

↓ Fun surprise below πŸŽ

πŸ“ Tired of getting distracted by notifications?

Text messaging has become a rally of notifications rather than effective communication, like two chickens pecking at each other.

What if we

🐺 Pause– then respond.

When texting, communicate with intent to connect your thoughts like two wolves howling together in harmony.

🐿 Constantly checking social media?

Keeping up with social media is like a squirrel digging frantically, you’ll end up going nuts.

What if we

πŸ• Say no mo' to FOMO!

Log out and head out! Notice what you’re really missing beyond your screens.

🦜 Surrounded by fake news?

Reacting and commenting on fake news actually accelerates its spread around our network, what you retweet repeats! 

What if we

πŸ¦‰ Scan the sources.

Review trending news through multiple sources. Discontinue the spread of misinformation by disengaging with unreliable viral content. 

🐼 Feeling drained after watching TV shows?

When binge-watching alone, it's easy to over-consume content leaving you more tired than recharged.

What if we

🐬 Share the on-screen gossip with friends! 

Host movie nights and invite your friends! This way, you’ll enjoy a healthy dose of leisure time together.

πŸ‘ Scrolling and struggling to sleep?

Mindless scrolling during bedtime actually confuses your body's senses with the brightness from the screen.

What if we

πŸˆβ€β¬› Kiss goodnight to tabs!

The less is on your screen, the less is on your mind. Close your tabs. 

Surprise! πŸŽ‰

You made it! πŸ₯³

Find out what's your digital animal, based on your habits not zodiac sign! 

πŸ₯š Complete this 1 min quiz βœ¨

Which animal are you? πŸ΅

I'm Curious George and would love to know! πŸ‘‰

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