Can we relive our lives off-screen, IRL? 🏖

What's the challenge?

Staring contest with our screens day and night. 😵‍💫 

Name one thing that's on 24/7 and always with you.

It's right in front of you– Our digital devices. From the minute we wake up, to our daily commutes, to coming home after a long day and falling asleep in bed; our eyes are constantly glued to the screen. We're all guilty of this same routine but what can we do about it? It's just too convenient.

💡3 Striking stats!

87% of us 

check our phones within an hour of waking or falling asleep.

2,617 times

is on average how often we touch our phones daily.

6.64 billion

people owns a smartphone today around the world.

Existing Solution

Screen Time on your iOS device

The app keeps track of your digital usage and provides a report of the time you spent on apps and websites, in addition to how often you pick up your devices. 

The design intent 

To inform and help you manage the time you spend on apple devices. You can take additional steps to schedule time away from your screen, set time limits for app use, limit communication time and contacts.

Does it work?

💬 According to 102 iOS users.

Here are the top 3 feedback.

It never works! I always click ignore and keep scrolling. 

Next thing I know I've been scrolling from 8PM till 2AM straight on Tik Tok and Instagram. I do it every night, I don't even read before I close the Screen Time Limit popup.  

- Liz (21, Junior college student & content creator from Finland)

I delete and reactivate social media constantly.

Usually during deadlines, all my notifications would be off, social apps would be temporarily deleted. I'd leave the screen facing down. When I'm done with the critical tasks, I'll immediately reactivate them again. 

- Ken (23, Middle school teaching assistant from Los Angeles)

I have multiple devices, it's hard to escape.

I know my screen time is 8+ hours a day. But screens are in every corner of my apartment. I work on my iMac, stream videos on my iPad and I wake up and fall asleep with my phone.  

- Paige (26, Creative & Art Director from Toronto)

Rediscovering Stage

After reviewing the 102 responses.

We've validated that while the current iOS Screen Time app succeeds in raising awareness amongst their users as the first step in behavioral change. Besides feeling guilty about their excessive usage, the outcome of the user's experience remains the same. The impact of the app falls short on driving users to succeed in reducing the excessive time they spend on screen.

3 honest feedback from users after reviewing the Screen Time reports

Redefining Stage

Let's refocus on how users would like to make better use of their time.

Without having a clear reason why it's necessary to reduce our screen time, our motivation remains low and unstable. As a consequence, current Screen Time users lack the incentive to execute on the course of action necessary for lasting change. While the app clearly identifies users' areas of pain-points, it's unable to empower users to take action. 

Defining how might we relocate our time for better use instead, holds the key to drive user's understanding of why it's worth their effort to make the better choice within their current routine.

🤔 We asked 152 people.

What would you do with more time offline? 

Here are the top 6 answers.


said reading and being reflective.


said exercising and being outdoors.


said exploring hobbies and being creative.


said sleeping more and being well rested. 


said spending quality time with loved ones and being present. 


said spending time on a self care and well-being.

How might we?

Provide iOS users age ranging from 20-29 with a personalized action plan, in order to help them reduce the excessive time they're currently spending on digital devices? 

As a success, they introduce alternate healthy habits throughout the day to cultivate their well-being in the long run.

Developing Stage


The mobile app to help you to start living in the feel good moments off screen.

Meeting you where you're at.

Why resist the temptation when you can bundle up good habits with your right hand man? 

We get it. Smartphone is convenient and pleasing to look at. 

Let's meet here to begin our journey together! Experience feel good moments on and off with us.

Building on top of what you know! 

Sync with Screen Time and let us do the work for you. 

By leveraging the live reports of your digital device usage, we help you identify when exactly to schedule in better activities to replace your unwanted on screen habits!

Sharing your goals with us.

In just a few clicks, customize your very own vision board with us to picture how you would spend your time offline.

Share your vision with us and we will take you there step by step, day by day.

Week by week. We're always rooting for you! 🥳

It's not about the limit, it's about your well-being.  

When excessive usage is detected by Screen Time tracking, we'll kindly send you a personalized text with self-care reminder for you to check-in with yourself. 

It's your well-being that we care about, not the time restrictions.

Replacing an old habit with a better one. 

Before fly kicking bad habits off your screen. First, put on your favourite pair of shoes. 

Habitual changes take micro and repeatable steps. We're all about guiding you through the process.

We'll remind you from time to time, the fulfilling moments that came to life because of your efforts little by little. 

Let's rewind your screen-time together for a better moment IRL. 🥂

💭3 Reflections

Design is about prioritizing.

Don't try to design everything, focus on refining the one key ingredient.

Convenience is key.

If it takes one click to open a social media app. The challenge is then to figure out how might we design one step ahead.

Don't invent, do rediscover.

It's not about the most innovative idea, it's about the most resonating idea. Listen to your users and fill in the blank. 

You made it! Thank you. Coming up...

We'll reach our goals by putting one step forward at a time. Right foot let's go!  🐾

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