Welcome to my journey

Great to see you here, I'm Val.

My purpose as a product designer is to craft digital user experience for you that feels:
Essential + Intuitive + Desirable 

At work, I'm mindful of how every click of a button equates to making a decision.
Hence, design plays a key role in ensuring we clearly communicate with our users.   

Besides my passion for design, you'll find me smiling in the ocean catching waves,
cooking breakfasts for loved ones and exploring corners of the Earth

How this all began

As an extremely shy kid who struggled to ask for an extra pack of ketchup at Mcdonald's... Discovering MSN Messenger provided me with a safe space and tool to comfortably express myself. This helped me overcome my timidness in-person.  

To this day I still recall rushing home from school to immediately hop online and continue conversations with friends, sharing secrets, playing virtual games and starting nudge wars together way past midnight. 

Remembering how this tool empowered me as a child, I strive to do the same through design and technology for others today.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, humility and patience.

I'm constantly learning, experimenting and fine-tuning how I approach the curation of our interactions and symbiotic relationships with softwares. Dare I say, this is a splendid way to spend my 9 to 5 solving puzzles with people for our people. 👌


Winning Team for Info-Tech Research Group AI themed Innovation Day

Awarded by Info-Tech Research Group, Canada | 2023

Selected Team for Innov8 Startup Training and Grant Program 

Awarded by Ain Center of Entrepreneurship, U of Rochester, NY | 2021

Selected Founder for League of Innovators acceleration, Foundations Program 

Awarded by LoI Committee,  Vancouver | 2021

Let's effectively scale and drive your product's impact

together with design strategies and execution.


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Email me valerieyfp @gmail.com

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