My design philosophy

How can we foster delightful interactions within our daily experiences? 

The 24 hours we have in a day are made of routines, habits, moments and interconnections we have with one another in both our physical, digital and mental environments. 

It can get overwhelming...

This is where design comes in! Inviting empathy, reflection, focus and intention to the table when we find ourselves in a problem space. To have the honour to practice UX and product design as a career, I'm grateful to be constantly exploring how we can reshape and evolve one small step today which becomes the significant building blocks we need to create the positive impact we experience tomorrow.

How can I help you today?
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Winning Team for UN SDG Goals inspired Design Challenge SAIT Fall '21 Program

Awarded by How to Change the World, Canada | 2021

Selected Team for Innov8 Startup Training and Grant Program 

Awarded by Ain Center of Entrepreneurship, U of Rochester, NY | 2021

Selected Founder for League of Innovators acceleration, Foundations Program 

Awarded by LoI Committee,  Vancouver | 2021

3 snapshots of me

Offline, I enjoy tumbling in waves, sharing meals with loved ones and exploring different corners of Earth

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