Hello World!

What is one thing you're grateful for today? This curious boy and I would love to know.  ✨

Create who you want to become.

Welcome to my design journey! 🌅

I’m Val—a serious goof who enjoys building meaningful human interactions and connections.

Being a shy kid and moving between countries, design became my first language to communicate with the world. 

Currently, I'm focused on self-learning UX design and social innovation.  

Who inspires me?— It's you. 

As a designer, I'm curious about what drives you. I find it incredibly rewarding to solve problems for people and strive to empower you through design and technology!

Beyond design, I love trying new things like making latte art or doodling in tiny sketchbooks! 🌿 (scroll down to see ↓)





是谁一直激励着我?— 是您。


除了设计, 我喜欢尝试新事物:例如习拿铁拉花或者

小速写本上素描!🌿 (以下图片参考 ↓)


Selected Team for The League of Innovators Acceleration, Foundations Program 

Awarded by 

LoI Committee & Ventures at RBC, Vancouver | 2021

Selected Team for Innov8 Startup Training and Grant Program 

Awarded by 

Ain Center of Entrepreneurship, U of Rochester, NY | 2021

Nominated Entry for American Illustration 

Awarded by 

Faculty of Design, OCAD University, Toronto | 2021

Dean's List, Academic Excellence  

Awarded by 

Otis College of Art and Design, California | 2020

Thank you for stopping! I believe in you. Good Luck ~

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