Heroine amongst U.S.

Granted the experience to live in LA for the past few months, I got to hear different unique stories from people coming from various walks of life and cultural background.  All thanks to a car ride app– Uber! #not-an-ad

Upon one of my rides home, I got to hear an incredible story about my driver’s childhood growing up as a kid in Compton. He opened my mind about what’s it’s like living in a place where most associate with gang violence and street crimes. Ironically, I had the honour to learn about the powerful and positive influence in his life, his mother who raised him and an adopted brother in Compton. Together we took a trip down his memory lane revisiting his brother’s past and pivotal moment. 

What I learned is that love is powerful, the act of kindness speaks beyond words. It can transform lives. I now wonder how many heros and heroines like her walk amongst us on the streets, on the bus or passing by. This story is a reminder to always choose to respect everyone you come across and treat each other from a place of love and compassion. You never know, they might be someone else’s hero.
This is an untold story about an American heroine. One that fuels me to design opportunities for people to connect and learn from one other. 

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