A Visual Essay on Digital Awareness

5 widespread digitally-induced habits we experience today

In October 2020, I conducted a survey investigating the daily hours of smartphone usage amongst my network (Age range: 18-65). 

Within 157 participants, more than half of them admitted to spending at least 1/4 of their day on their smartphones.

To better understand the reasoning behind this habit, I interviewed 9 individuals with the highest amount of daily screen-time within this group (8+ hours). 

Asking each of them answer the question,

'Yesterday, I spent my morning, afternoon, evening and night doing _________.' 

Through this process, I was able to identify 5 common behavioral patterns within people's day-to-day relationships with their smart devices. 

To synthesize these key findings, this 10 piece illustration series explores the pairing of specific animals and digital interfaces, 

designed to serve as reflection of our interactions with smart technology.

While this project highlights the invisible influences that come with digital convenience, its purpose is 

to provide users with simple suggestions for how they can be more self-aware when engaging with technology everyday.

 Fun surprise at the bottom! 🥚 ✨  

🐓 Ping-Pong! Texting

Ding! Ding! Ding! Tired of getting distracted by text notifications?

Text messaging has become a rally of notifications, like two chickens pecking at each other rather than effective communication.

🐺 Howl are you?

Then respond rather than react.

When texting, communicate with intent to connect your thoughts like two wolves howling together in harmony.

🐿 Scrolling 

n’ Going Nuts

Find yourself constantly checking social media?

Keeping up with social media to seek instant gratifications is like a squirrel digging frantically, you’ll end up going nuts.

🐕 Miss Out n' Head Out

Say no mo' to FOMO!

Fear not by logging out and heading out! Notice what you’re really missing beyond your screens.

🦜 Broken Megaphone

Ever wonder how fake news spreads so fast?

Reacting online to fake news is like playing a game of Broken Telephone with parrots, what you retweet—repeats and spreads like wildfire.

🦉 Look Around 

Sounds too catchy? Double check the sources.

Observe trending news from multiple angles and sources. Investigate and help discontinue the spreading of misinformation online by calmly disengaging with false viral content. No commenting, reactions or sharing–just report. 

🐼 All-You-Can-Binge

Feeling even more drained after watching a bunch of good TV shows?

When binge-watching alone, it's easy to overconsume content leaving you more tired than recharged.

🐬 Netflix n' Chill Party

Share the latest on-screen gossip with friends! 

Host movie nights and invite your friends! This way, you’ll all enjoy a healthy amount of leisure time together.

🐑 Scrolling to Sleep

Up late scrolling and struggling to sleep?

Mindless scrolling during bedtime actually confuses your body's senses with the brightness from the screen.

🐈 Close Tabs before Naps

Kiss goodnight to your tabs before going to bed!

The less is on your screen, the less is on your mind.

Find out which digital animal are you! 🐣

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